Legacy of War Foundation

At Legacy of War we aim to empower communities and individuals in rebuilding their own lives after conflict. We do not see ourselves as a charity; rather a partner organisation that provides the tools, training, education and other support that enables people to shape their own futures.

Supplying prosthesis, educational scholarships, specialised prosthetic training, land for farms are just some of our on-going and planned projects. Our ethos is to fund programs that are appropriate, affordable and sustainable.

We build projects around the beneficiaries need and they take the lead in suggesting appropriate support. Our aim is that each program becomes self-sufficient with five years. Whilst out support and friendship remains, we believe projects should be run by those who’s lives are most invested in them.

We also work to support artists whose work and life’s have been impacted by war. Again we do not offer them charity, rather enable them to cotinine working and get their art recognised by a wider audience.

The final strand of our work is in education and widening the discourse about the impact of war on civilians and its long-term consequences.

As an organisation we are stand for equal rights, equal opportunities and aim to set an example with in the sector. We avoid the need for expensive offices or inflated wages. Our aim of to have 90% of funds raised go to beneficiaries.

Collaboration. Community. Conversation.

Legacy of War Foundation | We do things differently.

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Our Aims

Our aims are simple: We begin by listening to the needs of communities affected by conflict, before facilitating tangible collaborations that help to meet those needs.

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