Legacy of War is pioneering three projects this year. In the future, we hope to expand these projects to include: personal scholarships and funding for specific, carefully-vetted organisations staffed and founded by individuals from the communities in which they work:

Genocide Survivors

Our latest project focuses on helping a group of genocide survivor women from Kigali, Rwanda. The project involves setting up a small store so this community of women can grow vegetables and set up their own business. Legacy of War foundation has partnered with Random Acts to fundraise for this specific cause.
Contact us to learn more about this projects and find out more about ways to help!

Prosthetist and Orthotic Trainings

Legacy of War is currently working to support a German organisation, Human Study, that trains prosthetists living in conflict zones— to ensure that injured civilians have experts within their local communities to assist them with their long-term needs and prosthetic fittings. This organisation is dedicated to empowering local communities to re-build themselves. The training program lasts three years, with remote training options. Legacy of War plans to raise 70,000 GBP to train 12 new prosthetists.

School Sponsorship

Legacy of War is currently working towards sponsoring Beyond- a school and nonprofit organisation in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley. Beyond is a grassroots, community-run institution that not only provides educational opportunities for disadvantaged children, but also provides employment for Syrian refugees and empowers local teachers and staff to work with the children. It is unique in being a local, community-supported institution. Legacy of War plans to contribute 50,000 GBP- enough to cover the school’s costs for one year.

A Case-Specific Scholarship

Legacy of War is sponsoring prosthetic limbs for a limited number of civilians wounded by land mines. These civilians are carefully vetted by the organisation’s founder, Giles Duley, to ensure transparency and accountability. We prioritise civilians living in remote areas, with less opportunities for media attention and international aid; these communities have often been left behind in the wake of ware. In the future, Legacy of War hopes to expand this scholarship program to provide educational and professional support and training. We are hoping to raise 50k to support our recipients. With the support of @randomactsorg and MAG (Mines Advisory Group), Legacy of War just recently provided prosthetic limbs to Sapalo, a young boy from Angola, who lost his legs after stepping on a land-mine.