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We are passionate about facilitating connections and collaborations across cultural and geographic borders that support communities affected by conflict.

Giles Duley, Founder & CEO

Legacy of War Foundation brings both experience in the need for prosthetic support as well as a deep connection with the Syrian Crisis. For over a decade our CEO Giles Duley has been documenting the impact of war on civilians, with a focus on long-term physical injuries. This work has led him to build close relationships with organisations specialised in the care and rehabilitation of war-injured, such as Humanity and Inclusion, ICRC and EMERGENCY (of whom he is a trustee). His work now includes advocacy and policy making with NGO’s.

Duley has also worked with prosthetic companies such as Blatchford’s, on a personal level, to try and provide prosthetic components to war-injured who would otherwise not have access to such components.

That involvement grew when in 2016 he raised £200,000 in partnership with Random Acts to help Syrian families living with disabilities in Lebanon.

This work led to the forming of the charity Legacy of War Foundation which aims to empower individuals to rebuild lives after conflict. As well individual scholarships for children injured by conflict; it is also looking to build sustainable prosthetic and rehabilitation support centres.

In 2011 Duley’s only life was to mirror those who’s stories he’d been telling when he was injured in Afghanistan by an IED. After a year in hospital, he then spent six months in rehabilitation, before returning to work in Afghanistan. His own path was a tricky one with some support denied to him, his case and need for support was in the end decided at Parliamentary level.

Duley vowed that once able, he would fight for other amputees to get the needed support, in the same way his family had fought for him to get his. Since then he has become vocal as a campaigner for the rights of amputees and other war-wounded in getting the support they need after medical care.

In his own words, “there is no point saving a life, if you do not give a life back.”

Over the years Duley’s expertise and experience in this field has seen him give keynote speeches to prosthetic companies and organisations, such as Blatchford, Ottobock and the ISPO conference. He was awarded the inaugural IC2A Inspirational Award, by fellow amputees and he was a Women on the Move Award winner for his work with Syrian refugees.

There are few that have as deep an understanding and empathy with war wounded as our CEO Duley. He has visited prosthetics centers and met amputees in countries across the world; from Angola to Colombia, Cambodia to Afghanistan. He has dedicated the last ten years of his life to telling their stories, and now uses that knowledge and his own experience of being injured to try and shape a brighter future and appropriate support for those who’ve been injured by war.


Ana Laura Zain

Purpose-driven marketer. I manage Legacy of War Foundation’s online presence and communication channels.

Julie Eason (MInstF)

Fundraising Expert. I manage fundraising programmes and the day to day operations at the foundation.

Augusta Thomson

Research specialist. I lead the foundation’s collaboration(s) with organisations aimed at providing P&O training and assistance within conflict zones.

Miriam Abdulla

Passionate about social justice and the Arts. I work in partnership with Artists, to amplify their stories for social change.


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